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If you ever require a team of bodyguards in Brazil, my friends happen to be the best in business.

Updated: May 15

After a week of interpreting for a high-profile CEO in meetings with politicians and industry associations across three cities in Brazil, both the interpreters and the security detail team developed a profound admiration for each other's expertise and work.

When I wasn't interpreting for our CEO, I first noticed strategically positioned men wearing black suits and discreet earpieces at the São Paulo Expo Center. They exuded seriousness and intense focus. Following this day at the convention center, we traveled by car to the industrial plant located between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Navigating the streets of São Paulo, I observed that our car convoy had a very specific driving pattern, ensuring our vehicles remained connected and preventing any other cars from infiltrating the line. It felt like a scene from a movie, especially as we transitioned onto the highway to the industrial city. While the order of the cars would occasionally change, the CEO and the two other cars with C-level executives consistently occupied the first, second, and third positions. The remaining three cars adjusted their positions based on conversations between the drivers and their co-pilots via radio. Interestingly, it turned out that the driver in the interpreter's car was coordinating everything, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of the strategies and procedures implemented to prevent any unauthorized vehicles from approaching the VIP cars.

In Rio de Janeiro, the display of professionalism by the security team continued. Amidst the transitions in and out of cars, meetings, and the time spent traveling to various locations, we engaged in conversations that deepened our mutual admiration.

So, if you ever require a team of bodyguards in Brazil, my friends happen to be the best in the business.

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